Well, the contest listed here


was over on Friday, July 12. I was happy to see a few entries from people who thought they knew what Sir Craftalot looks like (or SHOULD look like!)

It was hard to choose the first-place winner, so I decided to give TWO first-place prizes:

One to CamAtwell (from the MB):

Heres SC standing proud!

Here's SC standing proud!


Guarding his scrapbook proudly!

Guarding his scrapbook proudly!

Sharing first place is Goatesgirl (from the MB):
Heres SC with Riley, his steed!

Here's SC with Riley, his steed!

Both ladies will receive a $10 gift card to Michaels!
Honorary mention goes to the son of PattyR (from the MB):
Heres S.C. ready for action!

Here's S.C. ready for action!

And from Braden, the son of goatesgirl:
S.C. in a heroic montage!

S.C. in a heroic montage!

Both squires will receive a $5 Michaels gift card!

Also, I’ll take the time to introduce a friend of the Sir Craftalot Royal Artistic Patrol (SCRAP)… Mini-S.C.!

Mini SC!

Mini SC!

Thanks for entering the contest! I loved seeing all the entries!  🙂
The winners should contact me with their addresses so I can send off the rewards!
Until next time, loyal readers,