Another option to store Skittles Friday, May 23 2008 

Okay, so I decided to NOT use the Button Bank that I purchased at Joanns for my Skittles. I’m hoping that I still have the receipt to return it! 🙂

I did find these handy magnetic jars at my Home Depot (in the same aisle where they sell pegboard hooks, etc.

These are pretty cool. They come with a thin metal bar and the screws to attach the bar to a wall, or underside of a cabinet. The lids of the jars are quite magnetic and they basically “cling” to the included metal bar. So, you can have the bars hanging from the underside of a shelf or cabinet…or you can have them perpendicular to the wall as I chose to do (with the help of my handy dad!):

The magnet, as I said, is pretty strong and able to keep the jars from falling.

To use a Skittle (for example, a yellow one), I simply remove the jar:

And I have the Skittles in my grubby little hand!

With the jars within reach of my workspace, I like the fact that they don’t take up valuable table space and they’re not too big or small. 🙂

Until next time!

A couple of edits:

1. The price was about $7 I believe? I can’t rightly recall.
2. The jars do NOT hold an entire bag of Skittles. They do hold much of them. I just store the leftovers in snack-sized ziploc bags in another drawer. 🙂


Ribbon Storage Saturday, May 17 2008 

Hello all,

While wandering around Home Depot, I suddenly remembered that I needed some pegboard hooks. So I meandered over to that section and discovered a possible solution for my ribbon storage! Who’d a thunk?!

Below, is a picture of what I found. It’s a holder that is used on pegboard and it’s for paper towel, twine, and wire. So, why not ribbon?! It cost about $2.57 and seemed to be on clearance (as the tag was yellow):

Although it states it’s for pegboard, it comes with corner holes (as you can see) so somebody can drill it into regular wood (or your wall).

I decided to try it out in my scraproom that has some pegboard near my worktable:


As you see, it works great! I purchased three of them. Now, please note that the plastic rod is rather thick, so I did have to use a steak knife and widen the holes of most of my spools. But that didn’t take too long.

And yes, perhaps it’s not the prettiest ribbon holder out there…

 ribbon storage

but it gets the job done!  🙂

And for about $8.00 for all three of them, it’s a lot less expensive than the $10 (I had a 50% coupon!) I paid for the Martha Stewart Ribbon Storage boxes. That’s $10 EACH!

Hope this proves inspirational for somebody.

Until next time!

Potential storage for Cricut cartridges? Tuesday, May 13 2008 

Hello all,

I was returning a bookcase at Office Depot, when I remembered that I wanted to look for a storage solution for my Cricut cartridges. Granted, I only have three initially! 🙂 But as my collection hopefully grows, so will the need to keep them organized.

I realize that some keep them in their boxes, while others have come up with their own ways to store them. This isn’t an attempt to say who’s wrong or right… I’m just tossing this idea to you all.  🙂

I remember somebody saying they used pencil pouches (that fit in the binder) so I looked at that aisle. I discovered these little things:

They are about $3.00 each (and I know that can be costly for each cartridge!) but what I like about them is a few things:

1. They come in various colors (I didn’t pick up a purple one they had).

2. They have TWO pockets! One small clear pouch and a back pocket. Both can be zipped/unzipped. I think it’s great because I plan on using the front clear pouch to store my key overlay and protect it from being in contact with the cartridge. 🙂

You can see the overlay pocket is in front!

Above is a closer view of the key overlay in front. Let’s open up the pouch to look inside:

Inside the pouch

You can see AMPLE space for the cartridge, instructions, book, etc. 🙂

I then went to look at the 4″ binders to see about storing all the pouches. A couple of things deterred me from purchasing the binder. For one, it was about $15! And secondly, it was rather bulky. I haven’t ruled it out, but decided to look for some binder rings:


They are 2″ (the largest I saw) and come in a box of twelve (12). They were on sale at my store, regular $3.99 for $2.99. Hey, a dollar is a dollar! 🙂

I then attached them like so:

Pouches on the rings

As I said, I haven’t ruled out the binder…but for now, this will do the trick. I can always have the binder later, if I so want it.  🙂

If you are interested in the pouches, you can check for this tag:

Tag of pouch

If you are a teacher, consider signing up for the Teacher Reward program…every now and then they give you coupons and such.  🙂

Until next time,

Storage option for Cricut Expression Saturday, May 10 2008 

Hidey ho, faithful readers… while at Wal-Mart today, I was walking down the suitcase aisle when I came across something that I considered very cool.

The bag can be compact (easy storage!) and can expand to a whoppin’ 28″! (Large enough to hold the Expression as well as some accessories, cables, etc.)
Here’s a closeup of the tag. The cost was under $10
Just wanted to share with you all!
Until next time,

Storage for Skittles Friday, May 9 2008 

Now, I know what you’re thinking… mmm storage for Skittles is my stomach!

Besides not being able to say that five times fast, I’m not talking about those delicious fruity candies. I’m talking about the latest craze in the scrapbooking world.

Skittles is the unofficial name for Panacea Decorative Accents shown here:

So they look interesting, eh? So I may someday get some for my card crafting, in particular.

But then, being the teacher I am, thought, “Where would I store these little things?” and, while shopping at a local Joann’s store, I came across this “Button Bank” for $9.99:
(top/lid of the canister here)
It’s handy in that it has eight (8) compartments:
It isn’t much larger than a drinking glass:
And it has a flip-top lid that you can rotate around to just pour out what you need:
I think this will be quite handy to store up to eight (8) colors of Skittles to have on hand. I can store the main bags (each compartment won’t certainly hold the entire bag) somewhere else and have this little “bank” nearby.
To check it out at Joann’s site, here’s the link:
Seems that some reviews are complaining about the dividers not being high enough and that buttons (or Skittles) will shift from one compartment to the next. We shall see, I guess. (I’ll save my receipt!) 🙂
Thanks for reading!

Ziploc bags to the rescue! Wednesday, May 7 2008 

Well, it seems that those small Ziploc snack bags

have uses more than just storing your old Hotwheel cars. 😉

While creating my first Cricut creation with my Expression, I figured that those small bags can hold letters that I can use for various purposes:

  • saving them for future crops
  • storing them for later use (if you want to make several D’s, F’s, G’s, for example)
  • making titles, phrases to save for future use (“Thank You!”, “Get Well…”, etc.)

And probably several other uses. If you have any more ideas how these small little bags can be used, leave a comment to this post and share!

That’s all for now… thanks for reading!

Cricut CheatSheets Sunday, May 4 2008 

Hello all,

Thought I’d share some work I had done regarding the Cricut cartridges.

I basically went to and downloaded each image of their cheatsheets. I then modified them to fit an 8 1/2 x 11 paper with high resolution. I created an album on and uploaded them there.

Here’s the link to the Cricut Cheatsheets.

Directions to get them:

You just need to click on the link which will bring you to my album. Then, choose a cheatsheet and click the picture…which will bring you to another screen. Above the photo of the cheatsheet is a tab that says “Full Size”. Click that.

Once the full size version appears, RIGHT-click (with your mouse) the image and then a pop-up menu appears. Choose “Save Picture As” and save it someplace on your computer.

You’ll then need to print it out. I can’t help there because I have no idea how you (specifically) print out pictures. Everybody has a different way.

I hope you all can get some use of them!

S.C. Takes on the Expression Sunday, May 4 2008 

Greetings all. Sir Craftalot here.

On last Friday, May 2, I finally unpacked my Cricut Expression and actually video recorded myself doing it, attempting to add humor along the way. Once I figure out how to best edit the video, I’ll add it to this blog. Keep checking back.

I tried the Expression and enjoyed it. I can see myself getting a lot of use from it, especially as a school teacher. If I learn of any tips, I’ll definitely share them all with you.

Until next time, faithful crafter!

Edit: Okay… I FINALLY got the video working. Phew! I still have much learning to do in this arena! 🙂

Hope this comes out okay!